How to Become a Hero
   How to Become a Hero
   Finding Your Right Livelihood on the Path of Service

   C.J. Hayden, MCC
c.j. hayden
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How to Become a Hero
Discussion Forum

The 2006 discussion group has concluded its meetings,
and dates for the next session have not yet been scheduled.
For more about programs on these topics, please visit the
How to Become a Hero Institute.

Let's Talk!

All How to Become a Hero readers are invited to join me for a monthly discussion forum based on my steps for becoming a hero. We meet by teleconference on the second Tuesday of each month for one hour. Each month's discussion focuses on one of the eight steps:

  Jan 10   Develop your heroic qualities
  Feb 14   Listen for the call
  Mar 14   Take action
  Apr 11   Meet the dragon
  May 9   Commit to the quest
  Jun 13   Seek guidance
  Jul 11   Make a plan
  Aug 8   Stay the course

All coaches, counselors, teachers, writers, healers, leaders, spiritual guides, and seekers are welcome to participate. Each month, I send out discussion questions in advance, plus some reading or listening suggestions for those of you who wish to explore the topic further. These sessions are designed as open discussions rather than teleclasses, so your ideas and perspectives will be invited.

The fee to attend all eight discussions or any part of the series is only $29. (You'll be responsible for your own long distance charges to our U.S.-based teleconference line.) You can register at any time in the series by Visa, MasterCard, Amex or PayPal. All sessions will be recorded, so you can listen to any you have missed.

Jan 10-Aug 8, 2006
2nd Tuesday of each month
9-10 AM Pacific (12-1 PM Eastern, 5-6 PM GMT)

Register Now

Questions about the discussion forum? Contact me.

Would you like to listen to a talk C.J. gave on this topic? Click the play button on the left-hand side of the console below to listen online, or you can download the MP3 file here.

How to Become a Hero with C.J. Hayden
Hosted by Eva Gregory (55 minutes; 12 MB)

"Thank you so much for the call tonight. You really moved me and apparently others on the call. I was wowed!"
-- Marie

"Thanks for a terrific conversation and for sharing your heroic journey with us. I will look forward to more shared experiences."
-- Bob

"I am so impressed by your story and by your thoughtful (and thought-provoking) entries... I would love to muse together on some of the points you made."
-- Margaret

"Thanks for such a reflective and thoughtful session. I brought the steps to become a hero into four of my coaching sessions today and everyone was inspired!"
-- Janet

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