How to Become a Hero
   How to Become a Hero
   Finding Your Right Livelihood on the Path of Service

   C.J. Hayden, MCC
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How to Become a Hero Gatherings
with C.J. Hayden, MCC

Informal Gatherings   Retreats

Is your work a calling? Would you like it to be? What if you could spend your days doing work that is not only deeply fulfilling, but that makes the world a better place? The path to this kind of right livelihood may be closer than you think.

We all have the capacity to become heroes if we allow ourselves to claim our own greatness. If you feel called to serve others in a more significant way and think you may be ready to take action on this calling, please join us for one of our informal gatherings or retreats.

Informal Gatherings

From time-to-time, groups of How to Become a Hero readers get together with C.J. to connect with each other on topics related to finding right livelihood on the path of service. We talk about our own hero's journey, the work we are currently doing, and any support we need. These gatherings most often take place at a tea parlor in San Francisco, but we may meet in other locations around the country or world as the reader community grows.

If you might like to attend one of these gatherings, please email me and I will make sure you receive an invitation. There is no charge to attend. Be sure to let me know where you are located when you write.


On occasion, How to Become a Hero readers meet in person for a full day of exploration, reflection, and community. The description of our Oct 2006 retreat is below. We'll be holding our next retreat sometime in 2007, and details will be posted here. To receive a personal invitation when details are available, contact C.J.

Oct 2006 Retreat - How to Become a Hero: Your Call to Action

The focus of this day will be on the first three steps in C.J.'s path to becoming a hero:
  1. Develop your heroic qualities
  2. Listen for the call
  3. Take action

We will examine questions such as:
 • What is your true mission in life?
 • Who do you feel called to serve?
 • What is the contribution you were born to make?
 • What heroic qualities would you like to develop in yourself?
 • How can you overcome the obstacles blocking your heroic path?
 • How can you bring your service-oriented dreams and goals alive?

With discussion and experiential exercises, we will learn about these topics together, and seek out the next step for each one of us on our hero's journey.

This retreat will take place in San Geronimo, California, near Spirit Rock Meditation Center off Sir Francis Drake Blvd in western Marin County. We'll spend the day in and around a spacious private home in a park-like setting. Weather permitting, we will spend part of the day out of doors. Beverages and snacks will be provided; please bring your own lunch. Carpooling is encouraged, and we will assist you in finding a rideshare partner.

Register Now

$79 USD

Details for the 2007 retreat will be available at a later date

Questions? Read Who Should Attend
or More About this Work below or contact C.J.

Who Should Attend
  • Coaches, counselors, therapists, and others in the helping professions
  • Activists, nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and others working for change
  • Healing practitioners, clergy, and others who help bodies and minds heal and grow
  • Authors, journalists, speakers, teachers, and other educators

More About This Work

C.J.'s work about becoming a hero is strongly influenced by the Hero's Journey work of comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell. But C.J.'s How to Become a Hero programs are not a study of Campbell's teachings. Instead, participants explore together how they can become more heroic, finding personal fulfillment on the path of service to others. The core of the work is C.J.'s
eight-step process for finding your true calling and bringing it to life. If you feel called to serve others as your vocation, and are ready to deepen your commitment to this calling, this work is ideal for you.

Right livelihood: Work consciously chosen, performed with full awareness and care, and leading to enlightenment. The term originates in Buddhist teachings, where right livelihood is one of the steps on the Noble Eightfold Path leading to the end of suffering for all beings.

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Would you like to listen to a talk C.J. gave on how to become a hero? To listen online, click the play button on the left-hand side of the console below, or to download the file in MP3 format, right click here, then choose Save Target/Link As.

How to Become a Hero with C.J. Hayden
Hosted by Eva Gregory (55 minutes; 12 MB)

This program will help you to move from good intentions to good deeds. C.J. has a knack for helping move a person from thought to action...
— Dave Herninko, Truth Seeker

C.J. accomplished an impressive balancing act in the How to Become a Hero retreat I attended. She let the dreamers and idealists in the room feel safe to confess both the grandiosity of our aspirations and the intensity of our doubts. Then she put us on track to stop judging, make plans, and start acting.
— Barbara Saunders, Writer

If you've felt the calling but are eluded by its content, this is a perfect way to spend time exploring it, tasting it, and smelling it. Your next step will be revealed.
— Joan Friedlander, Chief Exploration Officer

Thanks for such a reflective and thoughtful session. I brought the steps to become a hero into four of my coaching sessions today and everyone was inspired!
— Pratimo Navsky, Adventure Life Coach

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