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When heroes fail 

The tsunami recovery project I've been involved with lately suffered a serious setback when the aid vessel we were raising funds for sank off the coast of Indonesia. The Endless Sun, with 20 volunteers and crew aboard, struck an uncharted coral reef and went down fully loaded with relief supplies.

Everyone on the boat survived, but one of the volunteers tells a tragic story of how no one helped them to shore, but instead scrambled for a share of the supplies floating in the water. Imagine this happened to you -- you're a lawyer from Australia volunteering your time and travelling to Aceh at your own expense to aid tsunami and earthquake victims, your ship sinks, and the people you are there to help leave you to drown and rescue bags of rice instead.

What would be the impact on you of this experience? Would you return to your own country, shaken, and decide you had better look after yourself in the future instead of trying to help others? Or would you reflect on how desperate those villagers must have been to value rice over their fellow humans, and redouble your efforts to be of service to them?

Winston Churchill once said, "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Perhaps that attitude is one of the hero's secrets.

P.S. Due to the loss of the Endless Sun and a variety of other factors, the tsunami recovery fundraiser I mentioned in my last post is being postponed to a later date.

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Aid tsunami recovery and get "slightly famous" 

Beginning April 19th, I'll be participating in a virtual fundraiser for tsunami recovery and the Global Initiative to Advance Entrepreneurship. Hundreds of thousands in Indonesia are still without permanent homes, and last week's earthquake has caused even more hardship. You can help tsunami victims regain their livelihood while helping yourself or your business become famous! Please pass the word to others in your network about this important cause.

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Help Tsunami Victims In Indonesia Help Themselves

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